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What truly defines us is that, as a mutual, we are owned by our members. This informs fundamentally how we think and what we do.

To some observers, Farmsoc might look like yet another Savings Bank, Cooperative and/or Micro-finance Bank; Far from that. Our difference extends to seeking to make a real contribution to the Nigeria agricultural market and Africa at large. A number of global trends are influencing food security, poverty, and the overall sustainability of food and agricultural systems. Loggcity Limited initiated this innovative, community-led project to make our own contribution to address the food crisis

Farmsoc is a “not-for-profit” community-supported nationwide farming society; this does not make it a charity organisation. It is an initiative of Loggcity Limited. It primarily produces crops such as maize, cassava, pineapple, plantain but also high-quality pig and poultry.

Our members help make farming a more financially secure and enjoyable occupation, while creating a sustainable job for your grower in the community to make a start and earn a living in return. In return, the people get fantastic quality organic farm produce at a fairly low price.

Our philosophy extends to our approach to pay, where again we are different. We aim to pay fair market rates to the people who serves our members. By contract, for our Board Members and most Senior Executives we aim for total financial reward to be lower than our most of our key competitor; as it is clear that what brings them here is more than money.

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The Farmsoc Timeline


Loggcity Began Researching

Loggcity R&D team began researching into sustainable farming and a technological revolution in farming


Loggcity Announcing Farmsoc

Loggcity starts the initiation of Farmsoc as a community-supported nationwide farming



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